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Cortez Ghee

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Cortez Ghee was a budget analyst for the Department of the Army. 

He graduated from McKinley Technical High School in 1967 and attended Montgomery, Prince George’s and Cantonsville Colleges. Prior to his job with the Army, he had worked with the Maryland Air National Guard, the Department of Health and Human Services in Baltimore, the General Services Administration in Washington, DC, and served a tour with the U.S. Air Force. He was a Vietnam veteran. 

His favorite sport was football; he was an avid Redskins fan. His hobbies included photography, music, reading, playing chess, stamp collecting and traveling. His favorite vacation spot was Southern California; he loved the weather and scenery. 

A kind and caring person, he had a great impact on many lives. Married for 22 years, he was a devoted husband. He was also a loving son, brother, uncle and friend, often volunteering to help others, no matter what the task: any time, day or night. He was especially good at troubleshooting computer problems for his family, friends and co-workers. 

Admired and loved by all who knew him, he will be greatly missed.