Conceptual Renderings

9/11 Pentagon Visitor Education Center

Conceptual Renderings - Static Images and Descriptions 

Visitors are welcomed by a spacious entry that offers clear views through the soaring glass walls to the  9/11 Pentagon Memorial, just a few hundred feet beyond.  This open, light space encourages people to look upwards and outwards, and to remember how the attack occurred.  Victims are respectfully memorialized with light features on the wall to remind visitors of the 184 individual lives lost.



9/11 Heroes Hall, just up the stairs from the entry, offers and expansive view of the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial and downtown Washington, DC.  This space allows visitors to reflect as part of a group or quietly while overlooking the site.



Spectacular views of the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial and Washington, DC skyline make the 9/11 Heroes Hall a memorable venue for special events and ceremonies.



In exhibits designed to pay homage to the shape of the Pentagon itself, visitors will learn the stories of  victims, survivors, first responders and heroes.  By utilizing everything from photographs and multimedia to touch screens and high technology, visitors will get an immersive experience that will pay tribute to those we lost, while looking optimistically towards the future.

From an above ground vantage point, the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial can be seen in its entirety.  This  perspective will allow visitors to see that the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial was purposefully oriented to the  flight path of American Airlines Flight 77 at the relative height of its final descent.  The field of benches  representing the 184 victims of the attack on the Pentagon – from youngest to oldest – can be seen from this view.  In addition, a unique touch screen window will provide information about the Memorial and the Pentagon. Beneath it, a timeline of minute-to-minute events runs along the visitor’s path.

This area is designed to encourage interactivity that enhances the educational experience for students, while providing access to lesson plans and activities for teachers.  In addition to opportunities for instruction by educators, digital displays as students to share their thoughts and experiences with future visitors, while open seating areas encourage frank discussions of thoughts and feelings.



The 9/11 Pentagon Visitor Education Center auditorium offers a unique place for academics, government officials, and subject matter experts to present educational events and host panel discussions on a wide range of topics.  The view from the open wall of windows shows Arlington National Cemetery and the Air Force Memorial, which serve as potent reminders of the triumph and price of our nation’s freedom.



A variety of secure meeting spaces ranging from Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) to open board rooms, provide ample space for groups to collaborate and engage on project work.



Functional spaces offer technology, infrastructure and security for meetings of all types, while views of the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and the Air Force Memorial remind participants of the unique nature of our location. 9/11 heroes and donors to the project will be honored with a range of exhibits and artwork.


With a unique and dramatic perspective of the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, Washington, DC and surround areas, this spacious venue offers a stunning setting, ideal for meetings, formal receptions and gatherings.